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    IT Project Planning for the Nontechnical Business Person »

Entrepreneurs Online | any saw the DOTCOM boom, and subsequent crash, of the 1990ís as a disaster. In reality, it was part of the normal shakeout process experienced by every emerging industry »

Basic Internet Security | thanks to all of the hackers, script kiddies, virus writers, and worm developers, Internet security is one of the hottest topics »
  The Manufacturing Co. | Maximizing the power of web enabled systems »

The Headhunter | Creating a secure centralized database for the company data »

The Group Purchasing Organization | Development of multiple diverse systems to support the clientís existing solutions »

Ecommerce & Online Shopping Systems »
Database Integrated Web Applications »
Database Design & Data Management »
Graphics »
Customer Service Applications »
Online Education & Distance Learning »
Virtual Office Applications »
Desktop Business Applications »
Customer Knowledge »

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